Common Issues In Commercial Construction Disputes

Property owners take as many precautions as possible to avoid disputes during building. Commercial building projects depend on lengthy contracts to protect all of the parties, and also to ensure that everyone agrees on the nature of work to be completed. This way, construction disputes that arise may be actionable if constitute a breach of contract, including:

  • Quality of work. Improper construction, shoddy workmanship, defective designs, cheap or inadequate materials, or significant project delays can all be considered poor quality of work, and may allow for termination of the contract under certain conditions.
  • Scope of work. Disagreements may arise between the parties as to who will perform which tasks, particularly if the contract refers to the tasks in an ambiguous way. The responsibilities of a contractor or subcontractor may vary depending on interpretation, and could lead to increased charges and delays.
  • Site conditions. If parties cannot reach the construction site, cannot safely or legally perform their duties, or are otherwise put at risk when performing work, they may hold the contractor or owner liable for delays.
  • Change orders. During the course of construction, there may be changes to the building plan that were not covered under the original contract. When this occurs, opinions may differ on who is responsible for paying the extra costs required to complete the work.

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